・All work stations/tables will be disinfected upon my arrival. Please allow an extra 10 minutes to be added onto the grooming time so that all areas can be properly disinfected according to cleaning product guidelines.

・A protective mask will be worn at all times. 

・All tools and brushes are sanitized in a Homedics UV Clean bag prior to beginning grooming. This portable sanitizer bag kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with no chemicals or mercury.

・If client prefers application with a disposable sponge, I have them on hand. Otherwise, my preferred choice of sponge is a beauty blender—which has been cleaned thoroughly and sanitized. 

・All skin-care/makeup product will be applied with a sanitized brush or disposable makeup wedge.  

・All eye drops will be applied per usual practice—with zero contact with skin or eye area.

・All makeup products/cases/compacts will remain shut and tightly closed when not in use. This includes during the application process.

・All hair products will be applied whilst wearing gloves.

·  Any clippers/trimmers will be sprayed with alcohol and/or disinfected prior to use. 

·  Any waste will be disposed of immediately, and surfaces will be wiped down again once grooming is complete. 

·  Any additional sanitization/disinfectant requests will be accommodated to the best of my abilities.  

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